Thursday, March 20, 2008

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In today's edition of The Houston Chronicle, there was an article on a new blog called Stuff White People Like.

The article piqued my interest, to say the least.

First off, race has been in the media like CRAZY, because apparently, people suddenly realized, after a few months campaigning, that Barack Obama really was black. Sure, there'd been hints before, what with the Rush Limbaugh "half-rican American" hoopla, but now, really, full Black Awareness (tm) seems to have hit us all, complete with Black Scandals and Crazy Black Preachers and Vaguely Racist Former Vice Presidential Candidates That Not Even Trivial Pursuit Players Remember Shooting Their Mouths Off.

It seems we're two steps away for a race-war, or at the very least, a mud-wrestling contest between Rev. Jesse Jackson and Gloria Steinem, and really, who wants that?

Second off, the article, which gave a general overview of the blog, confused the heck out of me. From what I saw, this blog was one part genuine social commentary, two parts racial comedy, and at least a few parts vague offensiveness.

It's not easy talking about race. You have to walk a fine line. If you're trying to be funny, people have to KNOW you're being funny.

The blog is okay. It's been a little misrepresented by the news article. It's neither as offensive, nor as funny as I was led to believe. The site showcases a very dry wit, so dry in fact, it's like being in the Saharra desert for a few weeks, while all your camels are dying.

The blog also makes a crucial mistake.

It fails to take into account that white people, at least the kind of white people they're lampooning (IE: yuppies), aren't self-aware. They pretend to be self-aware, but in actuality they are a very dull people who take everything at face value, and usually don't realize anything until Oprah talks about it.

This brand of white people also think that they're really, really sensitive to racial matters. Once again, Oprah is to blame. So, if you seem to glorify their white lifestyle, they're bound to get offended.

Also, white people always think that you're insulting them, so when you're actually insulting them, they're going to get a little upset.

And pissed yuppies apparently produce hilarious results.

Yes, the fact of the matter is, the comments on Stuff White People Like are waaaay funnier than any of the posts.

The only thing I learned from the blog, is that under the strict 90+ point test of Whiteness that the site presents, I am not white. I don't know what I'm going to fill out for the 2010 census, but I think I'll put "pink" instead, or rip-off the color label on my blush and stick it on the survey in lieu of an answer.

However, the comments have proven much more informative.

For your reading pleasure, I present to you, my favorite comment. Unedited, unrefined, but pretty damn funny.

"I am a white person, and I’ve noticed something about your blog: it’s not
really “Stuff White People Like”. It’s actually “Stuff Upper-Class White Liberal
Yuppies Like”. Where are all the items about rednecks? Nothing about “Stuff
Trailer-Dwelling Middle School Dropout White People Like”?
1. The Republican Party
2. Country music
4. The Mormons
5. The Methodists
6. Anything on CBS
An Upper Class White Liberal Yuppie"

Ahh, clearly a fan of the profound observationalist comedy of Blue Collar TV.

And really, I think comments are what this website comes down to. Because people are reading it, other people want to post comments on there, and be read. It's some kind of desperate attention-grabbing scheme, perpetuated by the "shocking" comedy of the blog, and the "look-at-me!" attitude of the commenters.

And I only have one thing to say to the commenters themselves:

Get your own fucking blog.

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Anonymous said...

So let me get this right post a comment on SWPL directing them to read YOUR blog and you have the audacity to negatively proclaim that people leaving comments on that website have a "look at me" got it twisted up. And for the record, your blog is god awful. Die in a fire.